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Jeep Safari In Phato Corbett :

Phato Zone is one of the well-known zones where the love of wildlife and the pleasant feeling of nature will give good vibes. Tigers are the key animal to be found in Corbett National Park. Phato zone is uniquely beautiful and being here is another level of joy and enchantment. This is a wonderful tourist zone and tourists love to fulfill their excursion cravings. Considerably Phato zone is the tenth zone of the Ramnagar. Jeep safari in Phato zone through Phato entry gate in Mohan Nagar Maldhan and the entry gate is 26 km away from Ramnagar. 50 jeeps safari each safari conducted in morning and evening respectively for 3 hours. There is an abundance of wildlife here spotting tigers is very easy.

For safari booking and night stay booking of phanto jeep safari zone, you can contact on +91- 8057747042

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Phato Eco-Tourism Zone

The Phato Zone of Terai West Forest Division was inaugurated on January 2022. Seven gates were open for day visit safari in Jim Corbett National park. But a new gate has been opened of Jungle Safari from Phato Tourism Zone in Jim Corbett National Park, Forest department has done the gate opening.

Phato zone Jim Corbett is the tenth tourism zone to be operated from Ramnagar. With the opening of this gate, apart from Corbett park and Sitabani tiger reserve another jungle safari has become an option for the tourists. Its entrance has been made in Mohan Nagar Gujar Jhala of Maldhan, just 23 km away from Ramnagar. Here tourist will be able to do exciting safaris within 18 kilometers of the forest. 100 jeeps can go in a day at Photo Gate.

50 jeeps will go in the morning and only 50 jeeps in the afternoon. Everything is new in this zone New ways, range new, treehouse new, site scene new, elephant herb etc.

The government has just opened only for jungle safari in Phato Gate. Right now there will be day safari in this zone. But in future it will be very special in terms of night stay. Here tourists will be able to enjoy staying in the tree house. At present, five tree houses have been completed.

There are two rooms in a tree house, in which five to six tourists can easily stay. That is, the arrangement for the stay of 30 tourists in one night. If you stay in rooms made of wood on a tall tree, you will find yourself in the lap of the tree.

Visitor Season :- Fato Day Safari zone of Corbett Tiger Reserve remains open for tourists Throughout the year (subject to weather conditions).Visitor Season :- Night stay in Fato Ecotourism Zone is allowed from 15th November to 14th June.

Phato Zone Corbett Map

The entry gate to Phato zone is Phato gate, which is about 26 kilometers away from Ramnagar city.


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