Paragliding in Jim Corbett

Paragliding in Jim Corbett

Paragliding in Jim Corbett National Park

Adventure Activities In Jim Corbett

Paramotoring  /  Paragliding Adventure  Serve by Jim Corbett Travel Guide in Jim Corbett National Park (Ramnagar). Come and Enjoy the incredible thrilling Paragliding in Jim Corbett, You have opportunity to see the panoramic view of Kosi River & Jim Corbett Village  from 400-1000 feet above the earth.

Paragliding in Jim Corbett: Overview

Jim Corbett (Ramnagar), the “Adventure” is a fast developing as a major tourist hub in Uttarakhand. It offers various daring adventurous activities Camping, Rafting, Hot Air Balloon Ride, Jungle Safari, stay inside forest etc. Among them, Paragliding activity is quite popular. Paragliding in Jim Corbett involves flying a paraglider which generates its thrust from a motorized fan. And thus helps paraglider to fly in the sky. Para-motoring is another name of paragliding activity in Ramnagar. Catch the aerial glimpses of big jets arriving as the paragliding flight takes off near the airport premises. You’ll also get a chance to explore Jim Corbett National Park beautiful landscapes. Morning paragliding flights are popular for a lovely sunrise view. On the other hand, evening flights showcases the mesmerizing sunset in Jim Corbett

Location of Paragliding

Paragliding can be enjoyed at Near Hanuman Dham, Ramnagar (Chhoi). The Flying Point is just 8 km from Ramnagar City. It can be easily reached by cab or local transport.

Price of Paragliding in Jim Corbett National Park

The minimum price for paragliding activity in Corbett National Park is Rs3000/ person. 

Flying rates are as follows:-

Kitty hawk- Rs3000/ Per Person (3sqkm circuit 400fts)

Cruiser- Rs4000/Per Person (7sqkm circuit 800fts)

Explorer:- Rs6000/Per Person (10sqkm circuit upto 1000 fts from AGL)

Paragliding height: 

Enjoy the low-level flying experience at a height of 1000 feet above the ground over Jim Corbett (Ramnagar). The paragliding ride is full of excitement as the gushy winds pasts you at 40-60 km/ hr. 

Bookings For Paragliding In Jim Corbett: 

The easiest way to book your paragliding adventure is to call at 7055660980 or 8864905765. You can also ping us on WhatsApp for the same. 


Paragliding activity timings are 5:00-9:30 am in the morning to 4:00-7:30 pm in the evening. 

Weight Limits: 

The body weight of the participants should not be more than 90 kg. 

Note: Paragliding is possible only in good weather conditions. And flight time may vary due to different wind pressure.